Bonito Floss Rice Ball

Bonito Floss Rice Ball

by Dazzling luan tree

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Dabao is in the third year of junior high school, and a class has been added this semester, so school is a bit late! She made a rice ball bento for her to take to school so that she could cushion her belly.


Bonito Floss Rice Ball

1. For cooking rice, the general ratio I use is 2/3 of rice and 1/3 of glutinous rice. The rice balls made in this way are not easy to loose because of the stickiness of glutinous rice! The amount of water is slightly less than usual, in order to make the rice more chewy.

Bonito Floss Rice Ball recipe

2. Add a little sesame oil to the cooked rice, mix well and let it cool to warm. Then put the fish floss on the market. The bottle I bought contains crushed seaweed and sesame seeds. The taste is very rich. You can also choose according to your own preferences. Add other things such as pork floss.

Bonito Floss Rice Ball recipe

3. Put the evenly mixed rice into the rice ball mold. If you don’t have a mold, you can roll it into a round shape or any shape with your bare hands.

Bonito Floss Rice Ball recipe

4. Paste the prepared rice balls with seaweed slices cut into suitable sizes!

Bonito Floss Rice Ball recipe


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