Bonsai Crab

Bonsai Crab

by Xiaoyuan Review

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The legend of Sai Crab is a court dish,
It is said that Empress Dowager Cixi likes to eat crabs and the chef of Royal Kitchen fry the egg white and ginger together.
Prepare another dish of balsamic vinegar,
Do it and serve it together,
The elderly Cixi was very happy after eating.
Great appreciation.


Bonsai Crab

1. ·Ingredients·

5 eggs, 20g rice vinegar

15g sugar, 15g ginger, 1g salt

Bonsai Crab recipe

2. Cut ginger with a knife and set aside

Bonsai Crab recipe

3. Add salt, sugar, vinegar, and ginger to the bowl and mix well

Bonsai Crab recipe

4. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat them separately

Bonsai Crab recipe

5. Beat well separately and set aside

Bonsai Crab recipe

6. Raise the frying pan, pour the egg whites into the pan, and quickly scatter

Bonsai Crab recipe

7. Pour the seasoning sauce, stir-fry and serve

Bonsai Crab recipe

8. Raise the frying pan again, pour in the egg yolk, and quickly scatter

Bonsai Crab recipe

9. Then add the sauce

Bonsai Crab recipe

10. Stir evenly out of the pot and put on the plate

Bonsai Crab recipe

11. carry out

Bonsai Crab recipe


1. If the taste is weak, you can add a little water to the sauce


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