Yes, it is borscht, originally from Ukraine. After being spread to Shanghai, China, Shanghainese changed it according to their own tastes. This is the food culture. It doesn't necessarily mean that it needs to be more traditional. The best is the one that suits your taste. In my eyes, it is just a bowl of ordinary vegetable beef soup, which warms the body and nourishes the stomach. Add some pepper to serve in a bowl on a hot day, and it can also speed up your metabolism.
I used to eat steak outside, and the clerk would first serve a bowl of such soup. It was more than ten years ago. It was the first time I drank it at that time. The sweet and sour taste was especially good for me. So I studied the ingredients inside, and then went home and tried to make it. Or what we do is not so authentic, but it is most suitable for our taste. Tomatoes, onions, celery, beef, carrots, potatoes, these are all good ingredients, good for your health. A pot of stew, less oil, less salt and no chicken essence and MSG. It relies entirely on the sweetness of the vegetables to make it fresh.
When I’m too lazy to cook, I just cook a pot and add a piece of bread to settle the meal.







by Sago Fiona

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How to make it (Borscht)

1. Prepare all ingredients
Borscht recipe
2. Wash the beef and cut into small pieces, add green onion and ginger to a pot of cold water, boil, skim off the foam, continue to simmer on medium and low heat, until the beef is cooked and tender. About 40 minutes or so.
Borscht recipe
3. Peel and dice all the vegetables, and shred the onion. The tomatoes are peeled and squeezed.
Borscht recipe
4. In a wok, a proper amount of oil, fry the tomatoes out of the sand, add the tomato sauce, and fry evenly.
Borscht recipe
5. Pour the fried tomato sauce into the beef stock pot and bring to a boil. Add the chopped herbs and continue to cook for 20 minutes to make the soup rich.
Borscht recipe
6. In a wok, melt the butter, saute the onions, add carrots, potatoes, and celery in sequence. Fried to death. Pour into the beef stock pot and continue to simmer for about 15 minutes. Finally, add salt according to taste. pepper.
Borscht recipe

When the beef broth is added with tomatoes, let it simmer for a while to make the soup richer. The amount of soup depends entirely on the individual. If you like more soup, add more water, and if you like thicker, add less water. Or simmer for a while


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