Braised Dough

Braised Dough

by Life is short (from WeChat...)

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I made the dumpling wrapper for the first time, but it turned out to be too hard, so I changed it to extra wide noodles and simmered it.


Braised Dough

1. The bread machine makes a whole piece of dough.

Braised Dough recipe

2. Cut into dough

Braised Dough recipe

3. Soak the black fungus in advance, wash, and cut into small pieces.

Braised Dough recipe

4. Wash the cabbage and cut into small pieces

Braised Dough recipe

5. Stir fragrant domestic garlic and chili, add meat and stir fry.

Braised Dough recipe

6. Add the cabbage and stir-fry the black fungus.

Braised Dough recipe

7. Put in, salt, bean paste and a little bit of water.

Braised Dough recipe

8. Cover the noodles on top of the vegetables and simmer over medium heat.

Braised Dough recipe

9. When the dough is cooked, stir fry evenly.

Braised Dough recipe


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