Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot

by Imp 717

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Making icing biscuits is my favorite. When I first came into contact with icing biscuits, I was attracted by her small and exquisite appearance. It is a super-valued dessert. It looks good and delicious. How can I not love it!
So after all kinds of self-study, I finally got to know about icing biscuits, and love them more and more. My family and friends said that I was a little crazy, hahaha!
This tutorial focuses on the production process. There is no recipe to explain. I have posted the recipe for the biscuit recipe. You can refer to my original biscuit recipe. As for the production of icing, the recipe will be supplemented in the later stage. Friends who are interested + vs: sqh_0717 (add me to remark the gourmet master)


Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot

1. Prepare the materials, such as food coloring, one cookie dough, one frosting, rolling pin, piping bag, cookie pattern template, etc., as shown in the figure.
Focus on the production of the template. Choose a plastic template or a harder baking paper to draw the pattern on the template and cut the pattern with scissors.

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe

2. After the biscuit dough has been beaten, put it in the refrigerator and keep it in the refrigerator. The biscuit dough that wakes up will be relatively flat. Roll the biscuit dough into a thin slice with a thickness of about 0.5mm. Place the template on the surface of the rolled dough and use a knife edge. Carve the pattern along the outline,
The baking temperature of the biscuits is 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, and the surface is slightly yellow. The baking time is adjusted according to your own oven

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe

3. Frosting preparation: The freshly beaten icing is relatively thick. The icing on the surface needs to be thinner. Add water to make it thinner. The water should be added drop by drop. Use a spoon to dig a spoonful to drip. It can be leveled in 10 seconds. It can be used for paving, add food coloring according to the desired color, and put it into a piping bag. The remaining frosting will continue to be sealed and stored. The frosting will become hard and dry when exposed to air, so it must be sealed and stored.

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe

4. As shown in the step-by-step diagram, fill in the color step by step according to the color. Is the production process fun?
Each time you fill in one color of frosting, you have to wait for the surface frosting to dry out before filling the next color, otherwise it will be easy to faint, and you will think about the beauty of the finished product.

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe

5. This step can refer to step 4

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe

6. The final finished picture, is there any cute, just make it cute, delicious and beautiful,

Frosted Biscuits-little White Rabbit Vs Carrot recipe


The process of making icing biscuits is more complicated, requiring carefulness, patience and determination


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