Braised Fish

Braised Fish

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Xiang Meizi braised fish in soy sauce, delicious after dinner


Braised Fish

1. Chili, garlic, green onion, ginger and cut well

Braised Fish recipe

2. Celery cut into sections for later use

Braised Fish recipe

3. Wash the fish with a little salt, chicken essence, and light soy sauce for a taste, fry in a pan, fry on medium and low heat until golden brown, out of the pan

Braised Fish recipe

4. Fry the chili, celery, and garlic in a frying pan, add salt and chicken essence to taste, fry it and add fuel consumption, then add water to cook some soup, and cook the fried fish together. In this process, you can use a shovel to get some soup on the fish. Turn the fish over, add some light soy sauce and mix well, then it can be out of the pot

Braised Fish recipe


The fish should be flavored with salt chicken essence first, and let it stand for half an hour.\n \nFrying fish should be done with a medium and small fire, the big fire will burn the outside and the inside is unfamiliar\n\nHurry up and try


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