Braised Fushou Fish

Braised Fushou Fish

by Love Lo Luo

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Braised fish in brown sauce, this dish is popular all over the country, but it gets a bit hot, so I chose to add water after cooking


Braised Fushou Fish

1. Wash and scrape off the black sac in the fish belly

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

2. Scallion ginger garlic ready

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

3. Scrape the fish a few times, it tastes good when it is cooked, add salt and cornstarch

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

4. Fry in a frying pan until both sides are browned, and then add water. The effect of adding water is that it will not be so irritated after eating.

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

5. Put ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, and cooking wine in, and flip it a few times

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

6. Sprinkle chopped green onion on the back of the fish, pour the oil on both sides, pour some soy sauce and it will be out of the pan.

Braised Fushou Fish recipe

7. Ready to cook

Braised Fushou Fish recipe


The reason for the release of water is not to get angry, but this time there is a little bit of water released in the picture


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