Pickled Fish

Pickled Fish

by Moonchild

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Pickled Fish

1. Separation of Flesh

Pickled Fish recipe

2. Cut the fish fillets diagonally, add salt and catch for a while and rinse with water several times after cutting.

Pickled Fish recipe

3. Cut the fish bones and rinse with water several times to remove the blood

Pickled Fish recipe

4. Add pepper, salt, oil, starch and marinate for 20 minutes each

Pickled Fish recipe

5. Wash sauerkraut, cut and set aside

Pickled Fish recipe

6. First add ginger slices and fry the fish bones until golden on both sides, add water to cover the fish bones, add a spoonful of chicken essence and a little salt. Stew until the soup turns white, remove the fish bones and place them on the bottom of the plate, boil the sauerkraut in the pot, remove and serve, finally pour the fish fillets into the soup, cook until 6/7 mature, quickly remove and serve, and filter the soup In the plate. Be careful not to lose the fish fillets in the soup. Too busy to shoot

Pickled Fish recipe

7. Put the chopped green onion on the fish fillet, heat some oil at the end, put the pepper and chili in the pot to fan out the fragrance. Splash it on the fish fillet while it's hot, and the sound, fragrant!

Pickled Fish recipe


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