Braised Fish

Braised Fish

by Ah Ching Gourmet

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The braised fish learns these steps, the non-stick pan does not break the skin, the fish is tender, too much for dinner


Braised Fish

1. Braised fish with three knives on both sides, add salt, ginger, cooking wine, marinate for 15 minutes

Braised Fish recipe

2. Heat the oil and add the fish, fry it and turn it over until golden on both sides

Braised Fish recipe

3. Heat oil in another pot, add shredded ginger and garlic slices to fragrant, add a spoonful of bean paste, and fry out red oil

Braised Fish recipe

4. Add the fried fish, add a spoon of cooking wine, a spoon of light soy sauce, add boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes

Braised Fish recipe

5. Add the green and red pepper rings, and finally thicken the water starch, use a spoon to pour the soup on the fish several times, then it will be out of the pot

Braised Fish recipe


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