Braised Tilapia in Sauce

Braised Tilapia in Sauce

by Squirrelfish 77

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Tilapia has many benefits, but how to eat it best? Steamed? Braised? No, this approach is the most enjoyable. Usually, most of the time I use braised and steamed tilapia. Today I cooked it with sauce and it tasted really good. The fish is fresh and tender, the soup is bright red, and the sauce is rich. This is the best time for braised fish in sauce. My son also said that this time the fish is rich in fragrance and tender. It is more delicious than steamed, and more delicious than braised. .


Braised Tilapia in Sauce

1. Prepare all the ingredients. A large tilapia is opened, gills are digged, viscera are removed, cleaned, and a cross knife is applied. A straight knife is fine, but a cross knife is easier to taste. If you don’t know how to clean up the fish, you can ask the seller of the fish to help clean it up when you buy the fish.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

2. Next, remove the fishy smell from the tilapia. Coat the fish with cooking wine evenly, and then put a layer of salt, cut the green onion into razor blades, cut the old ginger into large slices, put a part of the green onion and ginger on the bottom of the basin, stuff the remaining green onion and ginger on the fish, and marinate for 20 minutes Above, let the fish get rid of the fishy, more tasty.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

3. The marinated tilapia remove the green onion and ginger, use a kitchen paper towel to dry the water on the fish, and then evenly coat it with a layer of flour. Yes, it is the common flour commonly used in our home. When frying fish, it is better to use ordinary flour than starch. One is to remove fishy, and the other is to look good in color.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

4. Heat up the wok and pour in the right amount of cooking oil. You don't need too much oil, and as much oil as usual for frying a vegetable dish is enough. After the oil is hot, put the tilapia in the pot, turn to a low heat, and slowly fry both sides until golden brown. Look, is the color very beautiful? Pay attention to this step. Don't move the fish that has just been put in the pot. Wait until the fish is shaped before turning it over, otherwise the skin will break.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

5. The tilapia is fried. Don't take it out. Pull it aside to make a little space. Add the shallots and sliced ginger to fry until fragrant. Then add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and slowly fry the fragrant on low heat. This is my method for lazy people, and laziness also has the advantage of laziness, so that when shoveling out the fish, it prevents accidentally shoveling the fish.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

6. Now you can add water to the pot. Don't add water by mistake. So, should we add cold water or heated water to the stew? Don't worry, listen to the editor slowly. If you want to drink fish soup, add cold water; if you only eat meat and don't drink soup, you must heat the water. Because the fish is stewed with hot water, the protein is easy to solidify, and the umami taste is tightly locked in the meat and will not be incorporated into the soup. Use cold water to stew the fish. The soluble substances in the fish will slowly dissolve into the soup as the protein of the fish is slowly heated, making the soup more delicious. So do you understand now? Whether you need to add cold or hot water is up to you.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

7. After adding water to a boil, turn to medium and low heat and simmer slowly for about 30 minutes. As the saying goes, "Thousand-gun tofu and Wan-gun fish", we know from this sentence that fish is very resistant to stewing. Don't stew fish in a big fire. The big fire will speed up the evaporation of water, and the nutrients and umami will evaporate along with the water. If you drink fish soup, the water should not exceed the body of the fish. If you don’t drink the soup and only eat the fish, you don’t need to put so much water. Just put it in one third of the fish. I only eat fish, so I put the water. slightly less. When simmering for 20 minutes, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, and sugar, stir well, continue to simmer for 10 minutes, turn on high heat and finally collect the soup.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe

8. Stew and serve.

Braised Tilapia in Sauce recipe


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