Braised Goose

Braised Goose

by Fatty Mushroom

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This dish has a small story. Although it is braised goose, it is not only goose but also pork belly. As a small mushroom living in Shanghai, I don’t have the chance to eat freshly killed grass chickens, grass ducks, grass geese, etc. These products are regarded as rare products. Every time someone wants to return to their hometown, they will let him. I brought some domestic poultry from my hometown, slaughtered them, and plucked their hairs. Of course, Xiaogu also participated. The process of plucking hairs was really hard. Because of its rarity, Dad would divide the big white goose every time and add some pork belly to cook together. The pork belly is soaked in the light of the big white goose, it tastes better, and more importantly, it can be eaten twice!


Braised Goose

1. Cut the goose meat into small pieces, prepare a pot of cold water and boil it with the goose meat to remove the foam and set aside

Braised Goose recipe

2. Prepare the pork belly in the same steps

Braised Goose recipe

3. Put a spoonful of oil in the pot and heat it up, the red dot in the pot will turn into a red circle, and the green onion and sliced ginger will fragrant.

Braised Goose recipe

4. Stir-fry the goose and pork belly, add 10ml of cooking wine to remove the fishy smell

Braised Goose recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of hot water, it is almost as flat as the meat, put rock sugar to melt the rock sugar, add a cinnamon star anise

Braised Goose recipe

6. Pour about 20ML light soy sauce and 5ML dark soy sauce, mix well, cover the pot and simmer over medium-low heat

Braised Goose recipe

7. Cook for about 1 hour, collect the juice on high heat, stir fry continuously, and sprinkle with chopped green onions

Braised Goose recipe

8. Turn off the heat when the juice is almost done

Braised Goose recipe


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