Stir-fried seasonal vegetables

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables

For today’s lunch, I originally wanted to make ground three fresh vegetables, but recently I have eaten too much potatoes and want to slow down, and ground three fresh vegetables have no meat, and the nutrition is not comprehensive enough, so I changed it to this seasonal vegetable stir-fry, haha... ..







by LLY&ZSJ (from Tencent.)

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How to make it (Stir-fried seasonal vegetables)

1. After the eggplant is cleaned and the head is broken into small pieces by hand, then put it in salt water soak the PS on top and press it with a small bowl to ensure that it is fully soaked in the salt water
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
2. Wash the green peppers and remove the stalks, break them into small pieces by hand and drain the water
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
3. Pleurotus eryngii cut into round slices
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
4. Wash and slice pork belly
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
5. After the pot is hot, add a little base oil, add the pork belly and sauté the oil, about 4 minutes
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
6. When the pork belly is almost out of oil, put it aside, add oyster mushrooms and stir fry
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
7. Drain the eggplant, add it to the pot and stir fry for 3 minutes
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
8. Add green pepper slices and stir fry for a minute
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe
9. Finally, add a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of sugar, stir fry for about half a minute
Stir-fried seasonal vegetables recipe

1. The eggplant should be broken by hand, because it will easily turn black and oxidize when it touches the iron knife. And after breaking it quickly and fully soak in salt water, one is to prevent the eggplant from oxidizing, and the other is to reduce the eggplant’s oil absorption.
2. If the eggplant you want to come out is as bright as the one in the restaurant, you can only put it in a frying pan and deep-fry it, but that is not good for health, so I only used the oil from the pork belly to stir fry it, the color is a bit purple It’s a little bit gray, but it’s a compromise. In fact, the color might be better if you put the eggplant first and then the pleurotus eryngii.


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