Braised Octopus

Braised Octopus

by Heart moves

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The big hairtail here in Jiangxi costs 30 yuan a catty, which is a bit expensive. When I see a supermarket on sale, I will buy a few more because my husband and children love to eat my hairtail. The most common method in our family is braised in brown sauce, crispy and delicious, served with wine and dinner, which is very enjoyable. The braised octopus I made is not fishy at all, and it is very fragrant. I have to make it every three to five times, every time I eat it up. The seasoning and method are not complicated. It is fried until golden brown, and then burnt until it tastes good. The secret of the delicious taste is that I replaced the water with beer to make the fish more delicious and full-bodied.
Hairtail has few tender thorns and is rich in nutrition. It is very suitable for the elderly and children to eat. It has the effect of replenishing deficiency and replenishing qi. It is a suitable ingredient for all ages. Don't miss it!


Braised Octopus

1. Clean the hairtail first, put a knife on the surface, sprinkle in salt, and marinate for a while.

Tip: Hairtail is easier to taste with a few cuts. The black film on the belly of the fish and the blood on the bone must be thoroughly cleaned. As for the silver fish scales, our hairtail has always been reserved because it is not a scale, but a layer of skin formed by special fat, called "silver fat", which is a high-quality fat with high nutritional value, which is good for the body. There are great benefits, so there is no need to deal with it.

Braised Octopus recipe

2. Soak the dried chilies for a few minutes, then cut into small pieces, and shake off the chili seeds. Peel the ginger, wash and cut into slices, peel the garlic seeds, wash and cut into cubes.

Braised Octopus recipe

3. Put light soy sauce, braised soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, cold vinegar, and a little cornstarch in a bowl, mix well, and make a sauce.

Braised Octopus recipe

4. Drain the marinated hairtail into dry juice and coat it with cornstarch.

Braised Octopus recipe

5. Raise the frying pan and fry the hairtail over medium heat until the surface is golden.

Tip: When frying the octopus, you must coat it with a little cornstarch or flour, and fry slowly over medium heat. Don't stir frequently. Don't put too much oil to avoid waste.

Braised Octopus recipe

6. Pull the octopus aside, add ginger garlic chili and stir until fragrant.

Braised Octopus recipe

7. Pour the beer and cook for two to three minutes.

Braised Octopus recipe

8. Then pour in the seasoned sauce, cook until the soup is thick, sprinkle in the chopped green onion, and enjoy.

Braised Octopus recipe


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