Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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The main feature of Hokkien savoury rice is the delicious and delicious rice grains!
The ingredients are generally more, except for the common seafood.
There are also many flavors made with meat, and braised pork is one of them.


Braised Pork Rice

1. Prepare the ingredients as before, and chop the shiitake mushrooms. Carrots are changed into small cubes. I use canned braised pork.
If you have braised pork, it's more suitable

Braised Pork Rice recipe

2. Heat oil in a pan to dry the ginger slices, pour in the mushrooms and fry until fragrant

Braised Pork Rice recipe

3. Pour in green beans and diced carrots and stir fry a few times

Braised Pork Rice recipe

4. Pour in the braised pork, pepper and seasoning

Braised Pork Rice recipe

5. Wash the rice several times, pour out the water, and pour the ingredients

Braised Pork Rice recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of water to cover the lid and select the rice Q bomb function.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

7. Cook the rice and simmer for a while, open the lid and pour the garlic sprouts, stir and stir.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

8. Southern Hokkiens usually match it with salty rice, deep-fried peanuts or sweet and spicy sauce or ketchup.
Choose according to taste

Braised Pork Rice recipe


After cutting, you can follow your usual habit of entering the water.


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