Braised Rice with Ham

Braised Rice with Ham

by Little is here

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Serving for one person~ When I saw someone making braised rice, I made my own innovation. Unexpectedly delicious!


Braised Rice with Ham

1. Wash all the ingredients. The broccoli can be soaked in salt water and put in a rice cooker.

Braised Rice with Ham recipe

2. Add a tablespoon of fuel to the pot, close the lid, switch to the rice mode, and start.

Braised Rice with Ham recipe

3. Wait for it to automatically jump to heat preservation, put it on for a few minutes before opening the lid. Be careful of the heat rushing out.

Braised Rice with Ham recipe

4. Add a spoonful of light soy sauce, stir and stir~

Braised Rice with Ham recipe

5. Out of the pot!

Braised Rice with Ham recipe


1. Because there is moisture in tomatoes, the amount of water in steamed rice can be reduced a bit more than usual. \n2. Adding shrimps tastes great, you can also change to your favorite dishes and meat, ham sausage is more delicious than sausages~


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