Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice

by Ruoyu mother

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I also used germ rice for the braised rice today, and I want to share it with you in particular. A lot of rice I usually buy is actually over-processed and too fine. The germ on the rice has also been processed, and the rice germ is rich. Protein, multiple vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, rice germ alone contains more than 50% of the nutrients in rice. Germ rice looks similar to ordinary rice, but when you look closely, you will find that the germ rice is slightly yellow, with a small white germ on one end of the rice, and a little chaff on the surface, so it retains the nutrients of brown rice and the taste is Brown rice is finer. Two ribs, peeled a handful of peas, half a corn, half a carrot, plus a bowl of germ rice, a pot of fragrant braised rice can be eaten in half an hour!


Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice

1. When buying small platoons, let the merchant try to chop them as small as possible, so that they can be cooked well. Peel the peas and corn and set aside, and dice the carrots. Cut the green onion and ginger and set aside.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

2. Put the short ribs into the pot with water, add the sliced ginger and green onions, boil and continue to cook for ten minutes, turn off the heat. Remove and clean.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

3. Pour oil in the pan, heat the oil and put in the drained ribs, fry the ribs until slightly charred on both sides.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

4. Add 3 scoops of light soy sauce, 1 scoop of oyster sauce, a little rock sugar, and stir-fry the ribs for color.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

5. Pour the fried ribs into the washed germ rice, pour in peas, corn, and carrots and mix well.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

6. Pour 1.5 cm of clean water that has covered the food and press the rice cooker button to cook. I did not add salt, I think the saltiness of light soy sauce and oyster sauce is enough.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

7. If you want to eat rice crust, you can pour a spoonful of cooking oil around the side of the pot and press the cooking button again. After a few minutes, there will be a fragrant rice crust at the bottom!

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe

8. Rather than taking great pains to match meals, it is better to treat yourself with a bowl of germ rice. A bowl of good rice is the best choice.

Braised Rice with Ribs and Germ Rice recipe


1. When the germ rice is cleaned, rinse it with running water, no need to scrub, otherwise the nutrients will be lost.
2. For pork ribs braised rice, the smallest choice is small ribs. Not only is it cooked well, but the bones are relatively complete, so there will be no broken bones in the rice.
3. In order to prevent the ribs from not being cooked thoroughly, boil the ribs for a while while blanching.
4. If you like to eat shiitake mushrooms, you can soak the dried shiitake mushrooms in water, and then use the soaked shiitake mushroom water to braise the rice, so that the braised rice will be more delicious.
5. In addition to peas, corn, and carrots, you can also use potatoes, yam, and chicken wings to make braised rice, which is also very delicious and saves time and trouble.


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