Boiled Corn Pork Ribs

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs

by Neither cold nor cold

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Who can resist the fragrant and smokey kitchen in the winter? The light boiled corn ribs and heavy garlic leaf dipping sauce are worth a try!


Boiled Corn Pork Ribs

1. Prepare the ingredients and wash them

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs recipe

2. After the water in the pot is boiled, put in a small row of blanching water, add green onions, and a little cooking wine to remove fishy

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs recipe

3. Take another casserole, put in the drained short ribs and corn, add a piece of thick soup, cover and cook

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs recipe

4. When boiling the soup, prepare the dipping sauce: chop garlic leaves, add oyster sauce, balsamic vinegar, steamed fish soy sauce, chopped pepper

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs recipe

5. Mix well, when the soup is thick, add a little to the bowl, scoop into the short ribs and the soup and serve

Boiled Corn Pork Ribs recipe


The mixed garlic leaves can be used as a side dish or as a dipping sauce in soup;
The soup cooking time is determined by your own pot. Generally, 30-40 minutes is enough on gas. The program set by the electric stew casserole I use is longer.


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