Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp

by Seven6383

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Some time ago, Hema Xiansheng bought two boxes of prawns for an event. Last week, there was leftover oil in the fried vegetarian meatballs at home. The salad dressing was just made, and it was just right to make fried prawns.


Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp

1. Take the shrimp out of the refrigerator to ice, be careful not to use too hot water, or it will be cooked

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

2. The ice blossoms are blooming, and the shrimp threads, shrimp heads, and shrimp skins are removed. Pay attention to leaving some shrimp skin at the end of the shrimp. One trick to go to the shrimp line is to use a toothpick to pick the second part of the back of the shrimp. It is very convenient to pick it out.

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

3. Then use a knife to cut the back of the shrimp to fan the shrimp. Be careful not to split the shrimp in half too hard

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

4. Open the egg and save the egg white for later use. Add a little egg white to the shrimp, grab it with your hands, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Bread crumbs are sold in large supermarkets, and a bag of a few dollars can be used many times!

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

5. I just watched and didn't speak

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

6. Steps: Shrimp-corn flour-egg white-bread crumbs-frying in oil pan. Note that the oil must be boiled on a high fire and then changed to a low fire. Fry until the tails of the shrimp are lifted and fish out. After frying, oil them again until the shrimp are golden brown and fish out.

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

7. First pass oil

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe

8. When it's fried, it's dipped in homemade salad dressing. It's really delicious. It’s super easy to make salad dressing next time.

Breadcrumb Fried Shrimp recipe


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