Brine Prawns

Brine Prawns

by Catch the goods on the island

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If the elderly in the family have a history of diabetes, they don’t need to make sweet and sour prawns. Choose fresh and frozen vannamei white shrimp, just add a little salt, and it will be especially delicious after being boiled! "


Brine Prawns

1. Slow down the high-quality vannamei shrimp first.

Brine Prawns recipe

2. Bring the water to a boil.

Brine Prawns recipe

3. Put the shrimp in boiling water.

Brine Prawns recipe

4. After the water has boiled for 2 minutes, the shrimp bends to the maximum extent and it is ready. If you need a tender taste, just boil for one minute! Lay out.

Brine Prawns recipe

5. Lay out

Brine Prawns recipe


Shrimp that is too late to defrost is cooked for a while, and the taste is worse.


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