Shrimp Noodle

Shrimp Noodle

by Taojia Warm Kitchen

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With fresh vannamei shrimps, hot dogs and meatballs, a simple meal every day~"

Shrimp Noodle

1. Wash the cabbage

Shrimp Noodle recipe

2. Separate the shrimp heads separately after processing the white shrimp

Shrimp Noodle recipe

3. Pick out the shrimp thread from the shrimp body and slice the hot dog

Shrimp Noodle recipe

4. Wash the pork balls and prepare the ingredients for later use

Shrimp Noodle recipe

5. Shrimp head in the frying pan and stir out the shrimp oil

Shrimp Noodle recipe

6. Then put the shrimp body and hot dog to absorb the taste of shrimp oil

Shrimp Noodle recipe

7. Add boiled hot water to cover the ingredients

Shrimp Noodle recipe

8. Put the meatballs and noodles together and cook for a while. Throw the instant noodle seasoning bag and put it to taste. In fact, if there is stock, add the stock to make it. I’m a lazy person. It’s okay. It’s convenient.

Shrimp Noodle recipe

9. Add the greens and cook for a minute, then it can be plated out.

Shrimp Noodle recipe


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