Watercress Shrimp

Watercress Shrimp

by Mother Maizi

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"Chinese Restaurant" is on fire. The Douban prawns made by Dongyu Zhou under Zhang Liang's guidance are very attractive. The method is simple and I think I tried it! It's delicious! "


Watercress Shrimp

1. Wash Vannamei Shrimp

Watercress Shrimp recipe

2. Slash the back to take out the mud intestines

Watercress Shrimp recipe

3. After cleaning, add some cooking wine, pepper, and salt to marinate for a while

Watercress Shrimp recipe

4. Raise a large oil pan, heat it up, add the prawns, fry until the color changes and remove

Watercress Shrimp recipe

5. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add minced garlic, minced ginger and dried red pepper and saute until fragrant

Watercress Shrimp recipe

6. Add a spoon of red bean paste and stir well

Watercress Shrimp recipe

7. Pour in the fried prawns and stir fry evenly

Watercress Shrimp recipe

8. Add some cooking wine, light salt soy sauce and stir fry evenly

Watercress Shrimp recipe

9. Add some sugar to taste

Watercress Shrimp recipe

10. Add some chicken powder and chopped green onion before cooking

Watercress Shrimp recipe

11. Out of the pot and plate

Watercress Shrimp recipe


Adjust the amount of seasoning according to your taste. My white prawns are frozen, so I added some chicken powder at the end. If it’s fresh prawns, I don’t need to add it.


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