Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste

Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste

by Anna_vam

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Summer is here~ Let's get a bowl of mung bean paste to relieve the heat😊"


Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste

1. Prepare the ingredients and wash the mung beans, soak 2 pieces of old brown sugar one hour in advance.

Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste recipe

2. Pour the soaked mung beans into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add brown sugar, cover the pot, and choose the soup.

Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste recipe

3. Alright~ It's out of the pot~~ The mung bean paste is not particularly sweet~~ The slogan is particularly good~~

Brown Sugar Green Bean Paste recipe


This old brown sugar is not very sweet. I used two pieces to make a big pot. If you make it by yourself, you can put the sugar on your own according to your personal situation. You can also use it without brown sugar and rock sugar~
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