Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi

Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi

by Moe City Food

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Eating Yuanxiao (tangyuan) on the 15th day of the first lunar month is a traditional Chinese folk tradition with a long history. According to legend, glutinous rice balls originated in the Song Dynasty.

Eating dumplings on the Lantern Festival symbolizes reunion.
Just as the folk song "Selling Tangyuan" sings "Selling Tangyuan, selling Tangyuan, a bowl of glutinous rice balls is full and full, eating glutinous rice balls is a good reunion."

Tasty and healthy, the taste is warm, glutinous, fragrant and silky, plus two pieces of ginger.


Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi

1. Prepare the materials used

Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi recipe

2. Put the ginger slices in water and boil together over high heat

Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi recipe

3. Add brown sugar, mix well to melt

Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi recipe

4. Add the glutinous rice balls, turn to high heat and cook slowly, stir for a while, and cook until the glutinous rice balls float

Brown Sugar Peanut Gnocchi recipe


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