Brown Sugar Toast

Brown Sugar Toast

by Eva Xiaojia's Kitchen

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The material is the amount of 3 450g toast molds. Because the water absorption of each flour is different, please do not add liquid materials all at once, depending on the condition of the dough. The bread uses the soup seed method, the addition of the soup seed increases the water absorption rate of the bread and delays the aging of the bread. "


Brown Sugar Toast

1. Prepare the materials used.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

2. Put the soup ingredients into the milk pot, heat on low heat and stir constantly until it becomes a paste, let cool for later use.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

3. Cut the brown sugar into small pieces, add warm water to it, and let it cool for later use.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

4. Add the soup and the main dough ingredients except the butter into the mixing bucket of the chef's machine, select the kneading mode, turn on the 2nd gear to form a dough, and then turn to the 4-5 gear to knead.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

5. Knead the dough until the surface is smoother, add softened butter, and add salt to the low level until the butter is absorbed, and continue to knead the dough at levels 4-5.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

6. When the dough is kneaded to the complete stage, the dough has better stretchability and has a delicate glove film. Stop kneading.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

7. The dough is rounded and flattened and placed in a tray. For the fermentation tank, select the temperature 28 degrees in advance, the humidity 70%, and the time for 60 minutes. Add water to the bottom water tray to humidify. After the preheating is completed, the dough is put into the basic fermentation to about 2 times the size.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

8. The fermented dough is taken out, divided into 9 equal parts, rounded after exhausting, covered and proofed for 20 minutes.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

9. After waking up, the dough is flattened and rolled into a cylindrical shape. Cover and continue to relax for about 30 minutes.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

10. Take the awake dough, roll it into a strip of dough and turn it over, thin the tail of the dough, and spread with small pieces of brown sugar, roll it from top to bottom, close the interface, and discharge it into the toast box. .

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

11. Preheat the fermentation box in advance, select a temperature of 35 degrees, a humidity of 85%, and a time of 60 minutes. Add water to the bottom water tray to humidify. After the preheating is completed, the dough is put into the second fermentation until the toast box is 8-9 minutes full.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

12. The fermented dough is taken out, and the surface is evenly brushed with egg liquid.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

13. In the electric oven, heat 130 degrees in advance and preheat at 195 degrees. Put the toast box into the lower grill and bake for about 38 minutes.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe

14. After baking, the toast is immediately out of the oven. After the hot air is shaken, the toast is immediately demoulded and allowed to cool on the cooling rack.

Brown Sugar Toast recipe


1. The baking temperature and time are for reference only, please adjust appropriately according to the actual situation.


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