Bushen Decoction

Bushen Decoction

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Bushen Decoction

1. Ingredients are cleaned, ginger, sliced, chives, cut into sections, yam, peeled and cut into pieces, pork loin is sliced and reserved

Bushen Decoction recipe

2. Pork loin cold water into the pot to blanch the water to remove the fishy and blood foam

Bushen Decoction recipe

3. Change a pot of cold water pork loin to the pot

Bushen Decoction recipe

4. Add yam, wolfberry, red date, codonopsis and finally pour in sliced ginger and green onion, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 40 minutes

Bushen Decoction recipe

5. After 40 minutes, add salt chicken powder and it will be out of the pot

Bushen Decoction recipe


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