Butter Garlic Bread

Butter Garlic Bread

by yiyi mother

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Butter garlic bread, I'm afraid no one can resist its deliciousness!


Butter Garlic Bread

1. Except the butter, put all the dough ingredients into the bread machine. After 20 minutes, add the softened butter, continue to knead the dough to the complete stage, cover with plastic wrap and leave it in a warm place to ferment to 2.5 times its size;
Take out the dough and squeeze it out, divide it into eight equal parts, relax for 10 minutes, take a dough and roll it up and down into an oval

Butter Garlic Bread recipe

2. Roll up from top to bottom, the bottom edge is thin to prevent cracking. The rolled olive-shaped bread dough is placed in the oven, and the fermentation gear is turned on. Put a bowl of boiling water in the oven to increase the humidity. After 45 minutes, the fermentation is complete and the fermentation is complete. The surface of the bread dough is brushed with whole egg liquid. Use a sharp knife to cut a hole on the surface of the bread, not too deep.

Butter Garlic Bread recipe

3. Make the butter-garlic filling when the bread is fermenting. The butter is softened at room temperature. Add salt, powdered sugar and garlic and mix well. Add appropriate amount of French fragrant and mix well. The chopped shallots are added to the butter when used at the end to avoid water leakage.

Butter Garlic Bread recipe

4. Put the prepared butter garlic fillings into a piping bag, squeeze it into the opening on the top of the bread, put it into the preheated oven, and leave it at 180 degrees for 15 minutes

Butter Garlic Bread recipe


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