Butterfly Pasta

Butterfly Pasta

by Scattered 2011

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I usually make pasta, cook it first and then mix it~~~ This time it’s a different one~~~~~~~ Butterfly pasta like "bean stew noodles", it’s quite worry-free~~~~"

Butterfly Pasta

1. Wash the fresh meat, chop it with onion into minced meat; prepare tomato sauce, butter, corn oil, black pepper, and salt;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

2. , Put butter, corn oil, minced pork, and butterfly pasta in the pot in turn;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

3. Add tomato sauce, salt and black pepper;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

4. Pour in 300ml water;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

5. Close the lid, connect the power supply, press the "start" button, and select the ["dry pot" bean eggplant] function;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

6. When the automatic cooking pot finishes cooking, there will be a prompt sound;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

7. Turn off the power, open the lid, stir the ingredients and then put them on the plate;

Butterfly Pasta recipe

8. The pasta is on the table, and the meal is served.

Butterfly Pasta recipe


1. The ingredients can be changed to what you like;
2. If you use other pots for cooking, you need to cook the pasta first;


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