Button Biscuits

Button Biscuits

by Soothing candy

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Round button biscuits, beautiful and delicious snacks, cute enough to have no friends~ Just use a few tricks when making them, and you can make ingenious biscuits. Hot moms can bring their children to school as snacks, and it’s good to eat at girlfriends parties. The crispy taste is convenient even for the elderly at home, and the fragrant egg and butter flavor is more suitable for every discerning taste. It is said that the second button is given to others to express love. If you want to give it and are afraid that all the buttons on your clothes will suffer, then give him button biscuits. A full box of button biscuits looks like chocolate It’s more innovative and won’t get fat


Button Biscuits

1. After the butter is naturally softened, add powdered sugar and salt, stir evenly with a silicone spatula, then beat with an electric whisk, then add eggs to fully beat and fuse, sieve in the low-gluten flour and baking powder in stages, stir and mix with a silicone spatula, then Use your hands to form a ball, leave it for a few minutes

Button Biscuits recipe

2. Put the dough on the silicone mat and roll it into a thin sheet with a rolling pin

Button Biscuits recipe

3. Then use the large piping mouth to carve out a circle

Button Biscuits recipe

4. .Use a small spatula to gently move the engraved circle onto a non-stick bakeware, place it at a distance, and try to be careful not to deform, then use a small circle of decorating mouth to carve a shallow point in the middle of the circle Circle

Button Biscuits recipe

5. Use a thick bamboo stick or toothpick to pierce 4 symmetrical holes in the circle

Button Biscuits recipe

6. .All holes are pierced and put into the preheated oven with the upper and lower fires at 175 degrees. The middle layer is baked for about 10 minutes until the surface is golden brown.

Button Biscuits recipe

7. The cute button biscuits are out

Button Biscuits recipe


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