Cabbage Fried Rice

Cabbage Fried Rice

by Yuanzhu

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It has always been egg fried rice. Looking at the eggs that are not in stock at home, I think I haven't eaten cabbage fried rice. It's good!


Cabbage Fried Rice

1. Pour oil in the pot and heat it up

Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

2. Pour the cabbage and stir fry

Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

3. With salt

Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

4. Pour in rice, this is two brown rice, it can be white rice

Cabbage Fried Rice recipe

5. Stir fry, add green onion, garlic slices, and salt. If you like, you can add sea pepper, stir fry, and cook

Cabbage Fried Rice recipe


In fact, after the rice is steamed, it is the best to use it for fried rice in my opinion? The boiled cabbage soup is delicious, and the egg is also good!


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