Loofah Braised Rice

Loofah Braised Rice

by Shui Qingqing

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In the midsummer period, the loofah is the time, and the loofah is a common food ingredient. In the season of eating loofah, every village in my hometown grows fresh loofah, and it grows better, especially after the rain, the loofah is fresh, tender and lovely. There are so many ways to eat loofah, and you will never get tired of it. One person eats at home at noon one day, and if there are some leftovers, then pick a loofah and use it to braise rice with loofah. Light and refreshing, suitable for all ages.


Loofah Braised Rice

1. Peel the loofah and cut into strips, cut some meat to make it fresh

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

2. Put the loofah in the oil and stir-fry well, and add some diced chili to the spicy chicken.

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

3. Add salt to sauté the loofah,

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

4. Bring water to a boil,

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

5. Cook the loofah

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

6. Pour in the leftovers again,

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

7. Stir the rice,

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

8. Put the diced ham on the pan and stir well, sprinkle with seasoning.

Loofah Braised Rice recipe

9. Delicious loofah stew rice

Loofah Braised Rice recipe


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