Biscuits Double Clip

Biscuits Double Clip

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There is a third-year child in the family, and breakfast must be eaten well, and the child will be branded the buns when he gets up early. Only if he eats well, he will have the strength to study


Biscuits Double Clip

1. Add dry yeast to the flour to form a soft dough, and put it in the refrigerator to ferment overnight. Knead the fermented dough to exhaust air, then knead it into long strips and pull it into a uniform size agent

Biscuits Double Clip recipe

2. Knead the agent smoothly, press flat, and brush with cooking oil in the middle

Biscuits Double Clip recipe

3. Wrap it up like a bun, and then slowly press it into a pancake

Biscuits Double Clip recipe

4. Brush a little oil in the pan and put in the cake dough

Biscuits Double Clip recipe

5. Turn over the cake after bulging, and bake it on both sides until it can rebound quickly when pressed.

Biscuits Double Clip recipe

6. Cut the pie, brush a layer of soy sauce, then add ham, egg and lettuce

Biscuits Double Clip recipe


1. Don't brush the edge of the cake oil, it can be better bonded
2. When making the cake, you don't need to roll it with a rolling pin, but press it with your hands, so that the cake will be softer and more vigorous and will not die.
3. When pressing the cake, both sides must be pressed to ensure that the cake crust is evenly thick on both sides


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