Cabbage Mixed with Onions

Cabbage Mixed with Onions

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The climate of Pu'er is suitable for eating cold dishes all year round. Every day, there is a bowl of appetizing cold dishes on the table of almost every family. My house is no exception. The winter here is only equivalent to the autumn outside. Although it is cold in the morning and evening, it is still very cold in the daytime. It is hot. At this time, it is more suitable to use warm mixing for cold dishes. Warm mixing refers to the mature raw materials, usually using the method of blanching, then adding seasonings, and mixing well when serving. The warm mix is suitable for spring when it is warm and cold and autumn when the autumn is high and fresh. "


Cabbage Mixed with Onions

1. Wash the cabbage with water and tear it into small pieces by hand.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

2. Wash the onion and cut into small cubes.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

3. Put the torn cabbage into a boiling water pot and blanch it for 1 minute, then remove it, dry it and put it in a large bowl.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

4. Pour a little oil in the wok to heat up, and stir-fry the diced onions over a low heat to create a nice aroma.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

5. Add a spoonful of Hunan Hot Girl Chili Sauce.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

6. Add a spoonful of light soy sauce and a small amount of dark soy sauce.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

7. Add a small amount of fresh vegetables and stir well.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe

8. Scoop the fried onions in a bowl of cabbage and mix well before eating. Taste before eating, add a little salt or no salt according to personal taste.

Cabbage Mixed with Onions recipe


1. The boiled cabbage should not be blanched for too long to reduce the loss of nutrients. Take out about 15 seconds after the water boils.

2. Both chili sauce and soy sauce have salt. When adding salt, you must taste it before deciding on the amount of salt.


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