Candied Rice Cake

Candied Rice Cake

by HumiL

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The caramel on the outside is crispy, the rice cake inside is soft and waxy, and the texture is rich. Because it is fried, it is very sweet and small, which can be used as a snack. If the caramel is cooked for a longer time, the wrapped rice cake will become hard. On the contrary, it is not sticky, which is very convenient. Mainly in the mastery of boiled sugar, to make the taste you want.


Candied Rice Cake

1. Prepare materials

Candied Rice Cake recipe

2. Cut the rice cake into suitable size

Candied Rice Cake recipe

3. Fry the cut rice cake

Candied Rice Cake recipe

4. Pour white sugar and some water into the pot

Candied Rice Cake recipe

5. Boil the sugar to almost caramel shape

Candied Rice Cake recipe

6. Just mix in the fried rice cake

Candied Rice Cake recipe


1. Don't fry the fried rice cakes for too long, be careful, the rice cakes will explode. This is for one person, increase the amount appropriately
2. When boiling the syrup, pay attention. When the syrup starts to turn yellow, it should be removed from the heat, otherwise it will be easy to cook and boil.


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