Cantonese-style Boiled Kale

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale

by Xingwu

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Baizhuo can keep the sweetness of vegetables, so this traditional method can last forever. The drenching of boiled vegetables is very important. I will bring my own experience of making drenching here to share and exchange with you. I also hope that all the experts can give advice.


Cantonese-style Boiled Kale

1. Kale 400G

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

2. Use a knife to peel off the old skin of the roots, remove the old leaves, and then soak in light salt water for 15 minutes. One is to remove pesticides that may remain. Second, because this kind of vegetables with small flower cores can be used to remove the small insects that may be hidden in the salt water.

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

3. After the water is boiled, pour some oil into it to keep the green vegetables in a clear green color. The green vegetables don’t need to be blanched for too long. I pick them up and rinse them with cold water after 2 minutes. Don’t pour out the cooking soup right away, it's useful later

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

4. Here comes the key to dipping sauce: add 2-3 tablespoons of oyster sauce, and then add an appropriate amount of steamed fish soy sauce. We like to add more oyster sauce so that we don’t need to add sugar and chicken essence

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

5. The boiled vegetable soup that has not been dumped is useful, because the vegetable soup has the original sweetness of this green vegetable, so adding it to the mixture of oyster sauce and soy sauce will increase the original taste of the vegetable.

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

6. After adding the soup, mix thoroughly, because the oyster sauce is thicker, if you don’t mix it up, ugly pieces of oyster sauce will appear on the dish.

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

7. Cut two slices of ginger and two slices of green onions. The green onions are the same if there is no green onion. The main reason is to take its green onion fragrance.

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

8. Boil a little oil in the pan, put the ginger and green onion down and fry slowly, and fry the green onion and ginger oil.

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe

9. Then pour it into the bowl of oyster sauce and soy sauce just now, because I used the original vegetable soup and put more oyster sauce, so we eliminated the sugar and chicken essence. Arrange the vegetables on the plate, make sure the juice is evenly adjusted and dispersed, pour on the green vegetables, and finally sprinkle a few red pepper diced to decorate

Cantonese-style Boiled Kale recipe


I personally feel that the original vegetable soup is used to make the juice, the taste is particularly full. Some pot friends who make boiled vegetables directly pour oyster sauce and soy sauce on the vegetables. This is wrong. All the Guangdong restaurants use succulent soaked vegetables, so that they can taste and make them more beautiful, dear. We can try to do it. You can serve it in a deeper and larger plate, and it will be better if the soup is soaked more.


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