Capers with Minced Meat

Capers with Minced Meat

by Joy as ever

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Sour and spicy appetizer


Capers with Minced Meat

1. Wash the beans and cut into small pieces/grains for later use. Cut the fresh chili into small pieces and set aside.

Capers with Minced Meat recipe

2. Minced meat is fried in a pan at low temperature, and salt, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce are added in sequence during the frying process. Stir-fry the meat until it matures, add the green onion, ginger, and garlic until fragrant. After the fragrant flavor, add the beans, continue to stir fry, and add a small amount of salt and liquid seasoning.

Capers with Minced Meat recipe

3. All seasonings, please put them in multiple times, don't put them all in with a shake of your hands! Shaking hands is sick, so you have to practice! If you are unsure of the taste, touch the frying spoon with your mouth and feel it with your heart. It's a touch, not a lick! Unless you want to add a dish called Kou Tiao. ok? Generally, stir fry for 20 minutes alternately over medium and high heat.

Capers with Minced Meat recipe


1. Liquid seasoning: light soy sauce + dark soy sauce + cooking wine + purified water, pour it into a bottle, it saves time and tastes evenly than when you open the dishes one by one. \n2, you need to practice more when you master the timing of the pot, the amount of seasoning addition, and the timing of the alternation of fire. \n3, both salt and liquid seasoning are salty, so pay attention to the single dosage.


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