Carrot and Yam Hair Cake

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake

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Pasta is an indispensable food for babies. It is easy to digest and chew, but when it comes to homemade, mothers have a "sorrowful history". Today, I will teach you a pasta that does not need to be kneaded. The success rate is 99.9%.
Fat gao is the simplest of all noodles and has the highest success rate. It does not require secondary fermentation or kneading to exhaust air. As long as the fermentation is good, it can be steamed in the pot!
I also specially added carrots and purple yam, which are beautiful and nutritious, which makes the rice cake more fragrant and sweet, but also helps the baby's digestion and absorption. In addition to serving as a staple food for the baby, making a snack, it is also great to bring it on outings!
The "little cake" steamed without any effort, the baby still eats with relish!


Carrot and Yam Hair Cake

1. Ingredients:
90 grams of carrots, 90 grams of purple yam, milk, 190 grams of all-purpose flour, 160 grams of yeast, 3 grams of cooking method: steamed Reference age: 10M
Operating time: 20 minutes

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

2. Carrots and purple yam slices are steamed in a pot for 20 minutes.

tips: You can make vegetables with colors. Purple yam is purchased online and there is no substitute for purple yam.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

3. 90 grams of carrots + 90 grams of milk are beaten into carrot milk paste, 1.5 grams of yeast are added, and then 90 grams of flour are added and mixed well.
90 grams of purple yam + 100 grams of milk to make a carrot milk paste, add 1.5 grams of yeast and mix well, then add 70 grams of flour and mix well.

Tips: Purple yam is drier than carrots. The amount of liquid is relatively large and the powder is less. If you use purple sweet potato, it is the same amount.
If using leafy greens, the amount of liquid should be reduced by half.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

4. The final batter is thicker and not easy to fall when picked up. You can see the last picture in the previous step.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

5. 6-inch chimney mold, scoop carrot batter and purple yam batter at intervals.

Tips: A spoonful of purple yam paste next to a spoonful of carrot paste, cross-spaced, put it as you like. The mold does not have a chimney mold, just a common 6-inch mold, or a common small mold can be steamed.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

6. Cover the yellow and purple hair cakes with plastic wrap and ferment for 1 hour in a warm place. Covering with plastic wrap can help the dough to create enough humidity, and also keep the dough from losing its moisture.

Tips: Now the room temperature is more than 20 degrees, the fermentation is still at room temperature. If it is cold, you need to put it in an airtight container and add a large bowl of warm water to ferment.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

7. Seeing that it has doubled, it can be steamed. My 6-inch mold is heightened, and your chances have been released quickly.

Tips: Some mothers said that making fermented food has never been successful. Possible reasons 1. The baking powder has expired, or the baking powder package has been opened for a long time. 2. There is less baking powder. Because baking powder is very light, if you don't weigh it at home, it is difficult to know how much you have poured. It may be enough if you only poured a little. 3. The best fermentation environment is 28-29 degrees and the humidity is 75%. The humidity should also be paid attention to during fermentation.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

8. Steam in the pot for 25 minutes, simmer for 5 minutes, and out of the pot.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe

9. Beauty and nutrition coexist. If children don’t like carrots and green leafy vegetables, this pasta is more suitable.
This kind of non-stick powder makes the cakes fluffy and soft, and oil-free and sugar-free cakes are my favorite.

Carrot and Yam Hair Cake recipe


Pomelo mom said:

Without adding sugar, mothers can add some according to their needs. Sugar is a yeast nutrient, which can better ferment. A small amount of sugar can also make the cake taste better.
I am a national child nutritionist. I am familiar with the healthy diet needs of infants and young children, and I am proficient in cooking.
Baby is picky eater, anorexic, doesn't like eating?
How to supplement calcium, iron, zinc and selenium? All help you solve it.
WeChat public account: five supplementary meals a day.
Accompany you smoothly through the road of nutritional supplements.


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