Carrot Biscuits

Carrot Biscuits

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Carrot biscuits


Carrot Biscuits

1. The carrots are peeled and sliced and steamed for 15 minutes. Add a small amount of hot water and puree the carrots.

Carrot Biscuits recipe

2. Add low-gluten flour and stir until fluffy, knead until the surface does not stick to your hands.

Carrot Biscuits recipe

3. Let the noodles wake up for 30 minutes, roll them into thin skins, emboss them in a mold, and peel off the edge dough.

Carrot Biscuits recipe

4. Put in a non-stick pan without brushing the oil, simmer over low heat for two minutes, turn over, and simmer for another two minutes.

Carrot Biscuits recipe


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