Carrot Toast

Carrot Toast

by Melodious qinzi

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Carrots are rich in carotene and are one of the very nutritious vegetables. However, because of their special taste, many people, especially the picky children, do not like to eat them very much. How can we make children fall in love with carrots? The easiest way is to change its original shape. For example, squeeze the carrots, grind them into the dough, and make a beautiful carrot toast. The scent of milk and carrots are fused with each other, and there is no reason for children to refuse such a delicious taste anymore~

Carrot Toast

1. Rub the shredded carrots into filaments and set aside

Carrot Toast recipe

2. Add the remaining carrots and water to the wall breaker to make carrot juice

Carrot Toast recipe

3. Add all liquid ingredients to the cook machine

Carrot Toast recipe

4. Put in other ingredients except butter

Carrot Toast recipe

5. After using the oil method, knead the dough to the complete stage

Carrot Toast recipe

6. Shape it into a circle and put it in a suitable container

Carrot Toast recipe

7. Fermented to double the size in an environment with a temperature of 28°C and a humidity of 75% to 80%

Carrot Toast recipe

8. After the dough is exhausted, divide it into four parts (only two of them are taken in the picture), and let it stand for 15 minutes

Carrot Toast recipe

9. Roll the proofed dough into an oval shape and turn it over

Carrot Toast recipe

10. Roll up from one end and let it stand for 20 minutes with your mouth facing down

Carrot Toast recipe

11. After wake up, roll it out again and turn it over

Carrot Toast recipe

12. Rolled up from one end, closed mouth down

Carrot Toast recipe

13. Put it in a 450g toast box and ferment for 1 hour in an environment with a temperature of 36°C and a humidity of 75% to 80%

Carrot Toast recipe

14. Ferment to nine minutes full, put it in the preheated oven, bake at 180°C for 35 minutes, and immediately demould and cool after being out of the oven

Carrot Toast recipe


1. Different varieties of carrots have different water content. When adding flour after juice extraction, you can reserve about 10g in advance, and add it according to the water absorption of your own flour.
2. One egg in the formula is of medium size. The shell weight is generally about 55-60g, and the shell weight is about 50g. If the egg is too large, the amount of other liquids needs to be appropriately reduced.
3. When making Yamagata toast, pay attention to the coloring of the surface. Generally, half of the baking time, after the surface is colored, you can cover it with tin foil, so as not to burn the surface to affect the appearance and taste of the finished product.
4. Please adjust the baking time and temperature according to the temper of your own oven.


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