Carrot Whole Wheat Buns

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns

by Hui mother hui

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Whole wheat is chewy and carrot juice is beautiful in color, creating this beautiful and delicious steamed bun! The color of carrots is so beautiful!


Carrot Whole Wheat Buns

1. Put all the materials into the bucket of the bread machine for mixing

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

2. After a procedure, knead the dough, and perform a serving

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

3. Dough to double size

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

4. Exhaust the dough, use a rolling pin to repeatedly flatten and fold until the dough is smooth and delicate

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

5. Repeat the folding and rolling until the dough is smooth and not sticky. This step is very important

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

6. Finally, roll the dough flat and roll it over from one end~

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

7. Rolled into a long strip

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

8. After rolling, use a sharp knife to cut into small balls of even size, and evenly lay them on the steamer.

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe

9. Add cold water to the pot, put on the steamer, cover the pot for two times, about 20 minutes, see the steamed buns swell, turn on the medium heat for 10 minutes, turn off the heat, let the steamed buns stay in the pot for 5 minutes and then lift the pot cover

Carrot Whole Wheat Buns recipe


After the first round of the dough, I use a rolling pin to assist in the air exhaust process, so that the dough that comes out is smooth and chewy. It’s good to cook a pot on cold water and steam on medium heat. If the fire is too strong, the steamed buns will not look so good. The last thing is to emphasize that after steaming, don’t open the pot. Wait 5 minutes before turning it on, otherwise it will cool down quickly. You know the principle that steamed buns will expand with heat and contract with cold! Finally, yes, I use low-gluten flour, of course all-purpose flour can also be used for steamed buns!


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