Casserole Popcorn

Casserole Popcorn

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I often see my friends using casserole to make popcorn in the circle of friends, and I asked how to make it and what to pay attention to. It is said that it is necessary to use a dry-tolerant casserole and a small corn kernel specially used for popcorn. The popping rate is relatively high. I have a dry-tolerant casserole at my house. I immediately bought corn kernels from a treasure and I have time to pop it. Popcorn, quick and easy, no additives, my favorite.


Casserole Popcorn

1. Rinse the casserole thoroughly, dry the casserole thoroughly in the oven, and place it on the balcony to dry for later use.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

2. Prepare small corn kernels.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

3. Put the casserole on the stove, medium heat, pour a little colorless and odorless oil, not too much, just a little bit.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

4. Don't cook too hot, just pour the corn kernels directly.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

5. Stir-fry, so that each corn kernel is covered with oil, continue to stir-fry on medium heat, so that the corn kernels are evenly heated.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

6. There is a corn popping, so we need to fasten the lid at this time, because it will crackle and burst out immediately. After closing the lid, change the heat to a low heat.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

7. When the lid is closed, you can hear the popping sound inside, which lasts for about a minute, with a rag in the middle, pick up the casserole and shake the pot a few times to heat the unpopped corn kernels evenly and make the popcorn pop; (Be careful, don’t open the lid)

Casserole Popcorn recipe

8. When the popping sound in the pot is gone, and the shaking feels that there are no corn kernels, you can turn off the heat, wait a while and then open the lid. If you like the original flavor, wait until it is cold and ready to eat. If you like to eat sweet, open the lid, sprinkle the white sugar in, and quickly stir-fry a few times with a spatula, and it will be OK.

Casserole Popcorn recipe

9. The delicious homemade popcorn is out of the pot, isn’t it simple?

Casserole Popcorn recipe

10. If you want to eat healthy and delicious popcorn, buy some corn kernels and pop them at home! ! Things in a few minutes, simple, convenient and delicious.

Casserole Popcorn recipe


1. Ordinary casserole is not recommended to make popcorn. I use the Heile casserole which is resistant to dry, hot and cold, so it’s no problem.
2. The oil can be salad oil, olive oil, corn oil or butter. The taste should not be too heavy. The amount is not large, and it can be evenly covered with corn kernels.
3. Corn kernels must be selected for popcorn.


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