Catfish Grilled Tofu

Catfish Grilled Tofu

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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There is a reserved dish in my house, catfish with tofu. People who have come to our house say it is delicious. In fact, at the beginning, our catfish tofu was not so delicious. My dad used to go to a place for a while, passing by a place to eat, there is a small restaurant, there is an old lady's catfish tofu cooked by the customers, it is the restaurant's signature dish. Many people go there to eat specially, just to eat the old lady's catfish tofu. My dad also likes that dish very much. After eating it a few times, he deliberately got close to the people in the restaurant, and then he can run to the back kitchen to see how the old lady cooks it. Finally, my dad learned it. It turns out that we have added one that is very common. Ordinary seasoning.


Catfish Grilled Tofu

1. This is the catfish my dad caught. This is a wild catfish. If you are going to the market to buy catfish, it is best not to pick too big pieces, as the meat will get old and it will not be easy to taste after being burned. Just a few of these, the most tender.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

2. Process the catfish, chop it into pieces, wash it, and let it dry.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

3. Cut tofu into pieces. This kind of soft tofu is delicious. In some places, old tofu is used, and it has a heavier taste. You will add bean paste and the like, one place for one taste, as you like.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

4. Finely chop ginger, garlic and dried chili.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

5. Wash the coriander and cut into sections.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

6. Heat the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, add the ginger and garlic until fragrant. Rapeseed oil for frying fish is more fragrant, but there are other oils.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

7. Pour in the fish cubes and stir fry for a while, fry until the fish changes color. The fish needs to be fried to fragrant.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

8. Pour in an appropriate amount of water, pour in tofu, and sprinkle in dried chilies, so that the water is as far as possible to cover the ingredients. Add one or two tablespoons of cooking wine, cover and simmer for 8-10 minutes.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

9. Open the lid, add salt and light soy sauce according to your taste, and mix well. This one needs to be slightly salty to taste, it is too light and the fish will feel fishy. Add one or two tablespoons of vinegar and simmer for another minute or two to remove fishy and freshness. The vinegar will evaporate, and the vinegar will not taste.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe

10. Finally, put the catfish and tofu on a plate, sprinkle with coriander segments while it is hot, a plate of fresh tofu and tender catfish with tofu is ready.

Catfish Grilled Tofu recipe


1. When buying catfish in the market, don't pick too big, try to choose less than half a catty, which is more tender. The meat of too large strips is coarser.
2. Old tofu is used in some places, and soft tofu is used in some places. This is based on your preference. We like to use soft tofu, which is more tender.
3. The secret my dad learned from the old lady is to add a little vinegar and simmer for a minute or two before starting the pot, so that the fish will be fresher and the fishy smell can be reduced. Whether it’s cooking catfish with tofu or other fish, you can actually add a little vinegar before cooking. My parents’ later practical experience is that you can add a little sauerkraut and stew with fish in step 7 or 8, and the effect is the same. This is the same as sauerkraut fish, but be careful not to put too much sauerkraut, otherwise it will become sauerkraut fish.


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