Spicy Boiled Fish

Spicy Boiled Fish

by echo's life diary

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Spicy boiled fish, no matter when you eat it, it’s great


Spicy Boiled Fish

1. Prepare the materials, the fish can be selected according to their own needs, and the seller can handle it when buying. You can also choose to add tofu in the dishes, which tastes great. Shred ginger, slice garlic

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

2. Marinate the fish with starch, salt, white pepper, and rice wine for about half an hour

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

3. Boil water in a pot, add the garnish cucumbers, green bamboo shoots, and bamboo shoots to the pot and blanch until cooked

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

4. After the vegetables are cooked, pick them up and set aside

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

5. Add the ginger and garlic slices in the hot oil in the wok, stir well

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

6. Then add bean paste, chili, salt, rice wine, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, stir fry

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

7. Stir well and add some water to boil

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

8. Add the marinated fish heads and cook for 1 minute, fish fillets for 30 seconds, and fish fillets for 1-2 minutes

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

9. After the fish is cooked, add it to the bowl with vegetables

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

10. Sprinkle the seasoning soup, celery, chili powder, pepper and sesame in the pot on the fish

Spicy Boiled Fish recipe

11. In another pot, heat the oil to 80% heat. When the oil is hot, pour it into the bowl of step 10 and serve. I forgot to take the picture here, I will know it by myself. It should be noted that you must be careful when pouring oil, stay a little far away, otherwise it will be easier to burn


There are relatively many steps and ingredients in this dish, but it is still very simple as long as it is prepared. The spicy food is great, I hope everyone can also be late for the delicious spicy boiled fish


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