"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day

by Jiesai Private Kitchen

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April 1st is a traditional folk festival in the West-April Fool's Day, also known as "Fish" People's Day. The fish banquet in the festival is also unique. Invitations to participate in the fish feast are usually small colored fish made of cardboard. The dining table is decorated in green and white. Put a fish tank and small and exquisite fishing rods in the middle. Each fishing rod is tied with a green ribbon, and there are gifts for guests or a delicate celluloid fish or a fish basket full of candies. It goes without saying that all the dishes on the fish feast are made of fish. Today I will recommend a classic fish feast in Guizhou-Suantang Yu.


"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day

1. Sprinkle the body of the catfish with salt or starch, rub the mucous membrane off the body of the fish with your hands, and rinse with clean water;

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe

2. Remove the gills and internal organs of the catfish, clean the belly with water, and chop it into 3 cm pieces;

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe

3. Tomatoes are blanched in hot water, peeled and cut into pieces, potatoes and tofu are cut into pieces together;

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe

4. Pour oil into the pot and add the sliced tofu and tomatoes, then add fish cubes, potatoes, seasonings and water;

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe

5. Cover the pot and start the [Crucian Fish Soup] function;

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe

6. At the end of cooking, add a little sour soup to the dipping sauce and stir it into a dipping sauce, then dip it with fish or vegetables.

"fish" Sour Soup Fish for People's Day recipe


1. This dish cannot be made with grass carp. The meat of grass carp will become very chaotic when it touches the sour soup.
2. After eating the fish, you can add your favorite dishes to rinse, just use the "manual" function.
3. The fish can be replaced with pork knuckles to make sour soup pork knuckles, but the longer function keys must be selected.
4. Red and sour soup seasonings are generally available in the market.
5. The dipping recipe is 10 grams of crushed pepper, 10 grams of ginger, and 2 grams of salt. You can also adjust it according to your own taste.


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