Cheese Baked Noodles

Cheese Baked Noodles

by It's sweet

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After taking a speed photo, eat it immediately, otherwise the noodles will become unpalatable. "


Cheese Baked Noodles

1. Remove the shrimp head and shrimp intestines, pat two garlic and ginger, boil and peel off the shells.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe

2. When the water has not boiled completely, add butterfly noodles, conch noodles, and corn kernels, and add salt according to taste.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe

3. Don't cook too much, and then pack the noodle soup. Pour in the shrimp and stir well.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe

4. Sprinkle some black sesame powder, fragrant, stir well and put it into a bowl, speed it up.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe

5. Sprinkle cheese on the bowl at a speed.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe

6. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees, and the cheese will melt. Pay attention to it. After the pan is out of the pan, take pictures and start eating.

Cheese Baked Noodles recipe


Don't throw away the soup for cooking noodles. Put a few shrimps and season them to make a bowl of delicious soup.


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