Cheese Stick

Cheese Stick

by Plums for gourmet

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Today is a wave of calorie bombs: cheese sticks, the outer skin is crispy and crispy, the drawing effect is very good, and it tastes full of pulp.


Cheese Stick

1. Pour ordinary flour, salt, and sugar into the bowl in turn, knock in 1 egg, pour in pure milk, and mix well until no flour particles are visible, then let it stand for half an hour

Cheese Stick recipe

2. Prepare some ham sausage and string together for later

Cheese Stick recipe

3. Heat the shredded cheese in water, then hold it into small balls and put them on the ham sausage just now

Cheese Stick recipe

4. Wrap the cheese and ham sticks with the batter made in the first step. The thicker the batter is, the thicker the crust will be.

Cheese Stick recipe

5. Coat a layer of bread crumbs and hold it firmly with your hands so that the bread crumbs will fall off when you fry

Cheese Stick recipe

6. Put the cheese sticks into the oil pan, the oil is 60% hot, and it will be fried until the surface is golden brown.

Cheese Stick recipe

7. Out of the pot, squeeze ketchup and salad dressing according to your preference, and you can start eating

Cheese Stick recipe


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