Cherry Jam

Cherry Jam

by Ju Na JUJU

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Eating fruit is just fresh. The storage time of cherries is limited. If you can't finish it in a short time, it is better to boil it into jam. The storage time can be extended a lot~~


Cherry Jam

1. Soak the cherries in salt water for 30 minutes. After washing, remove the stems. Use a harder straw or chopsticks to gently top the cherries from the bottom to remove the cherry pits.

Cherry Jam recipe

2. Put the pitted cherry meat into the pot and marinate with sugar for 2 hours

Cherry Jam recipe

3. Add the marinated cherry meat to a little water, boil it over a low heat, and use a spoon while stirring to remove the foam

Cherry Jam recipe

4. When it starts to be thick and sticky, turn on high heat, keep stirring to collect the juice, turn off the heat when it becomes a sticky paste, drip in lemon juice, and mix well (you can keep it in the refrigerator after cooling)

Cherry Jam recipe


preservation method:
Use a water-free and oil-free clean jar to seal and store in the refrigerator, and use a water- and oil-free spoon when eating, and ensure that it is clean and hygienic. Generally there is no problem in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. If stored properly, it can even be stored for a few months~


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