Chicken Chop Jade Rice

Chicken Chop Jade Rice

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When I’m at home, I sometimes don’t want to cook rice with vegetables, which is troublesome, but I don’t even want to eat fast food for takeout. The taste is completely wrong. There is another worry, which is the source and hygiene of the ingredients. Thinking about it, you have to do it yourself to be practical. Then come to a simple "dishtou rice", the so-called dishtou rice is a fast food with rice and vegetables in the bowl. Do it yourself, the nutrition and taste are well matched, the key is simple!


Chicken Chop Jade Rice

1. Remove the bones and skins of the chicken thighs, take out a whole piece of chicken thighs, chop them horizontally and vertically with the back of a knife to form a thin slice of chicken steak

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

2. Put the chicken in a bowl, pour in the Mishima Teriyaki sauce, mix well with a little salt and pepper, and marinate for more than 20 minutes

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

3. Wash and blanch the edamame

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

4. The eggs are split into egg liquid, and the marinated chicken steaks are coated with egg liquid

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

5. Coat the surface with breadcrumbs

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

6. Heat the pan, pour a small amount of oil, and fry the chicken steaks on medium-low heat until both sides are browned and cooked. Don't waste a little egg left, and fry it into egg skin

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

7. Pour the edamame into the original pot, stir-fry for a while, add the teriyaki sauce and mix well.

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe

8. Scoop up the rice and set the bowl

Chicken Chop Jade Rice recipe


Chicken thighs or chicken breasts can be used as chicken steaks, provided that they are peeled and chopped horizontally and vertically to form a thin chicken steak that will not break when clamped, so that it is easy to fry and taste good. The edamame is blanched and then seasoned and stir-fried. This keeps the emerald green color, and this chicken chop jade rice is named after it.


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