Chicken Mushroom Soup

Chicken Mushroom Soup

by Sky Blue 1761

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Although spring is beginning, the weather is particularly cold. Looking at the down jackets all over the street, I wondered if I remembered the time wrong. . It is indeed February, it is indeed spring, and it is indeed only 6 degrees. Mom said that this is freezing the buds, and after this period of freezing, it will be warm. Looking at the cold weather, I wanted to drink a bowl of hot chicken soup, held it in my palm, and drank it in my mouth.


Chicken Mushroom Soup

1. Bacteria, take appropriate amount of each

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

2. Soak in clean water for 20 minutes and wash to remove dust. Add some water to soak for 1 night

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

3. Divide the local chicken into pieces, add a few slices of ginger and blanch it in water

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

4. Soak the fungus, pinch off the water, and cut the tea tree mushroom into sections

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

5. Don't pour the bubble soup, let it sit for 20 minutes

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

6. Strain in a pot

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

7. Add chicken nuggets

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

8. Bring the fire to a boil, turn to a small fire and cook for 1 hour

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

9. Add the bacteria, and boil the salt for another 2 hours

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe

10. The finished product has four bowls of soup. . :)

Chicken Mushroom Soup recipe


Do not use the water for the first time to bubble the bacteria. When you take the bacteria water into the pot, pay attention to the impurities that sink to the bottom of the pot.


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