Chicken Rice Ball🐥

Chicken Rice Ball🐥

by Ying Wan Fan Ding

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N kinds of rice balls are easy to eat and try it together


Chicken Rice Ball🐥

1. 1⃣️Materials

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe

2. 2⃣️ Add 2 cooked egg yolks to the rice and stir well

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe

3. 3⃣️ Divide into two parts and put them into the triangle mold

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe

4. 4⃣️ Compression and demolding

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe

5. 5⃣️ Press the seaweed sheet to express the expression, and cut out two long strips of ham, press out the heart-shaped comb and small dot mouth

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe

6. 6⃣️ Glue the prepared expressions to the rice ball, and the cute little yellow chicken is done

Chicken Rice Ball🐥 recipe


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