Chicken Soup Wonton

Chicken Soup Wonton

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Chicken soup wontons taste delicious and not greasy. Small wontons are smooth and refreshing. They are addictive after eating them. Generally, they use grass chicken soup or black-bone chicken soup. This time I used black-bone chicken soup to cook wontons, which is nutritious and full of energy for breakfast.

Ingredients: black-bone chicken half, wonton wrapper 150g, pork minced 150g,

Seasoning: appropriate amount of wolfberry, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of astragalus, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of green onion, appropriate amount of refined salt.

Chicken Soup Wonton

1. First stew black-bone chicken soup. Cut black-bone chicken into large pieces or half. Add ginger and spring onions to the pot, boil the water, add black-bone chicken and blanch it to remove. Put it in a soup pot, add water, Codonopsis pilosula, and Astragalus, after boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 1 and a half hours.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe

2. Mince pork, add 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, refined salt, oyster sauce, and water, and stir regularly. Tips: If the minced meat is too dry, the taste will be old, so you need to slowly add water and stir it up.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe

3. Take a piece of wonton wrapper and put an appropriate amount of pork filling. The minced meat is about 4 grams. Fold the upper and lower corners in half.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe

4. Then fold it in half and gently squeeze the minced meat. Serve. In the same way, everything is packaged.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe

5. Boil water in a pot, add a little salt, add small wontons and push them in time, cook until they rise, and cook for a few seconds.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe

6. Then, put the wontons in a bowl and add black-bone chicken soup. Super delicious ravioli.

Chicken Soup Wonton recipe


Tips: Wrap the wontons and place them on an anhydrous tray. They can be frozen hard and packed in a fresh-keeping bag. If the tray is glued, just vibrate the tray.


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